BCG: $100.00

Full Skin Check: $220.00

Short Skin Check: $120.00

Procedures: The cost will be informed to you by the treating Doctor

Cosmetic treatment: The cost will be informed to you by Dr Wani

Antenatal Consultations: $72-$202 (time based) regardless if you have a Health Care Card or not.

Boardwalk Health Medical and Skin Centre will be Private billing patients effective as of 21st of March 2022. This means we will only offer Bulk Billing to children under 16, DVA, Health Care, and Pension Card holders. We’re confident that our prices remain competitive within our sector for the quality of the service that we provide.  Please note all Skin Checks/Consultations are privately billed ($120-$220) regardless if one has a Health Care Card, Pension Card, DVA Card or is under 16 years of age.

Our rates will differ depending on the day, time of the appointment, GP qualifications (VR/NVR), and the time spent with the GP.

Please refer to the fee structure.

Private Vaccines-

DTPa  $40.00

Meningococcal B  $125.00

Hep A (Child) $50.00

Hep A (Adult) $55.00

Typhoid $65.00

Flu Vax $20.00